A social game to play with your friends in the park.

How to play

  1. Gather your companions! (Just one will do, too.) A colourful pencil drawing of a family of three holding hands, excitedly walking along a path. The family consists of a black man, a white woman with red hair, and a toddler leading the way towards the right.
  2. Roam the outdoors! A birch tree on a green patch of grass. There's a squirrel in the tree, and a toadstool growing next to the tree. Half-concealed by the tree sits a duck wearing a toadstool hat in an attempt to hide from the players.
  3. When you spot a duck, be the first to shout “Duck”! A pair of ducks is swimming down a river, underneath a bridge that two women are crossing. One of the women is leaning over the railing, pointing at the ducks and shouting. Abover her is speech bubble with a simple sketch of a duck.
  4. Were you first? Congrats, you are today’s winner of Duck! A close-up of the woman from the previous image. She is happy about her win and has raised her fists to shoulder level in excitement. A mallard duck sits perched on her shoulder, looking at her with a slight smile.
  5. Was someone else faster? Don’t brood: Tomorrow is another chance to win. A romantic scene of a bright yellow sun setting over an ocean or a lake. In the distance, the silhouette of two flying ducks can be seen against the pink sky. In the foreground, a duck is diving with its rump pointing up, showing its butthole.

Questions & Answers

Wait, that’s it? Where do I download the app?

That’s it. There’s no app to download and you don’t even need your phone. It does help to live near a pond or a river, because ducks like those.

I saw a duck and yelled Duck! as fast as I could. Turns out it wasn’t a duck, but a cheeky moorhen with very large feet! I think it sneered at me, too.

Sorry, that means you lost for today. It’s an important part of the game to make sure that you really spotted a duck before claiming victory.

If you were playing with a single partner, they automatically won and you should buy them an ice cream.

I’m pretty sure that’s a duck over there, but it’s hard to tell from a distance. It could be a bottle. Should I call it?

Sounds risky! Is the bottle dunking its head in the water and gathering in small groups? If so, it might be a good bet!

Otherwise, the rule is: When you call a duck, your companions must be able to verify the claim.

Can I bring my own duck?

Only if it’s allowed to play, too.

Where I live, no ducks venture. Can I still play Duck?

Sure, just pick another local animal! It should be one that’s common enough that you’re quite likely – but not guaranteed – to see one when you venture outside.

So you really think I should give this game a try?

You should! And now that you know the rules, you may find it hard not to shout Duck! every time you see one. But worry not, as there are many of us. Pairs, handfuls, if not halves of a dozen!

If you have played and enjoyed this game (or not), I’d love to hear about your experience. You can place your message in a bottle, seal it securely, and release it into a body of water near you, or send me an email.